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Hello, my name is Andy. I am 24 and live in Glasgow. Seven months to go before I move back to England again!!1 I like listening to and making bad music, Sunderland AFC, reading things, running about and eating.

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Andy would like you to know that as well as typing in the third person, he currently fully endorses:
bagels, boredoms etc, breakfast of champions, buddhism w/ fly killing, burial hex, can the band, chavez, china, creating horrible noises, cups of cha, cycling, death and the penguin, deerhoof, delocated, fugazi, funakoshi, ghibli, gingers, guitaring, haruki murakami, heavy vegetable, here'stomwiththeweather, karaté, konono #1, kranky klaus, kung fu, kurdt vonnegudt, mclusky/shitrock, melvins, mitch hedberg, monkey the book, municipal waste, octave fuzz, peking duck, presidents of the usa, quality kitson gold, ravi warriyar, rok, safc, scrambled egg(s), seaburn, space ghost c2c, sunroof!, the big lebowski, the chanting...of the priests, the cows, the outsider, toast, tuna, vampire can't, virtual news studios, ween, weetabix